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2019 California Wine Juices
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2019 California  Wine Juices
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Since our beginning in 1995, Vinemount Estates has grown from a small local grape grower and supplier to a fully integrated juice processor and packaging company, serving home and commercial winemaking customers throughout Canada and the United States. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of fresh wine juice to over 150 commercial wineries in the United States — as well as supplying fresh juice to the largest and most famous names in the home winemaking business.

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Year-Round Availability

At Vinemount Estates, we take our business very seriously — and we know that our many winery customers do as well. Due to our relationship with growers and suppliers in both California and South America, our juice is available year-round. This is important to many of our clients who have tank and bottling cycles which require juice deliveries to be made outside of the normal harvest seasons of spring (South America), and fall (California). Moreover, we always have juice available in our cold storage facilities.


Best of all, our close relationship with our preferred transportation providers (and their extensive U.S. delivery network) allows us to deliver fresh refrigerated juice to any point in the United States on a cost-effective basis. Whether your winery is in need of a four-drum pallet of juice or a full truck of fifteen totes, we will deliver to your facility in a timely manner at a very reasonable cost.

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