This is our story, and where it all began... 

In 1995, a dream came to life in the form of a 14-acre estate, elevated high above the fog line, on the dramatic escarpment of the Niagara peninsula– it would become Vinemount Estates Vineyard and Juice Company.  Vinemount Estates has started out from a small local grape grower serving local customers in the surrounding area, to a fully integrated juice processor and packaging company.


Vinemount Estates continues to serve at home and commercial wine making customers throughout Canada and the United States.



 We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of fresh wine juice to over 150 commercial wineries in the United States — as well as supplying fresh juice to the largest and most famous names in the home winemaking business.

At Vinemount Estates, we take our business very seriously. We know that our many winery customers do to. Our facilities and processors have been audited and approved by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. As a fresh fruit and juice packaging operation, our facilities are fully registered and licensed with the U.S. FDA [Food & Drug Administration].