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Wine Juices

Your Wine Juice Specialists

Vinemount Estates is pleased to be able to offer our commercial winery customers the best wine juices sourced from the finest vineyards in California, South America, and Canada. 

Vineyard Wine Container Red Wine Containers

California Juice Fall Harvest

Working directly with our grower supply groups in California, Vinemount Estates imports fresh California grapes into our processing facility where they are crushed, pressed and placed into cold storage prior to shipping. Our fresh juices are then packaged into pails for the home winemaking enthusiast, and into drums and totes to be delivered to our many commercial winery customers throughout the United States.

California wine juices are available on a seasonal basis September/October.

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Chilean Juice Spring Harvest

From time to time, a wine region will reveal itself with a level of promise that speaks to every kind of wine drinker. In today's world of wine, that wine region is Chile.

We are excited to be able to offer our winery customers the best of southern hemisphere wine juices. Working with vineyards producing the most high-quality premium grapes, Vinemount Estates sources its juices from the Maipo Valley region located just south of the capital city, Santiago. Chilean wine juices are available on a seasonal basis April/May/June.

Juice Varietals

Red Juices

• Barbera
• Cabernet Franc
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Carmenere
• Malbec                  
• Merlot
• Pinot Noir
• Syrah
• Zinfandel

White Juices

• Chardonnay
• Chenin Blanc
• Gewurztraminer
• Muscato
• Pinot Grigio
• Riesling
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Viognier

Juices May be Shipped in the Following Containers

• 6 Gallon (23 Litre) Food Grade Plastic Pail • 58 Gallon (220 Litre) Food Grade Plastic Drum • 260 Gallon (1,000 Litre) Food Grade Plastic Tote